Fille Et Fils Story


Dearest Mom,

What you have in your hand Fille et Fils ( feey-ay-fees) promises you and your child will feel 'toujours frais' - always fresh.

We have happily refined our clean, playful, and eco-friendly scents, first with our own kids in mind, boys who create quite a stir in playgrounds, classrooms, and malls - we all know how that goes and how they affect the nose - so go ahead, spray some on.

Ooh-la-la!! Our natural oils come from France. And our inspiration comes from Lourdes! (Maison de San Miguel). Seriously, the two of us fussed over cologne concoctions on the dinner table, juggling our mommy-duties with our desire to heal through scent-therapy, until our senses sensed we got the formula just right for us and for you.

Bonne Journee!

Trisha and Tricia